Dark Horse

by Mulchzoid

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released October 10, 2014



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twistedfruitrecords Christchurch, New Zealand

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Track Name: Bluebird
And when the night fell
the sun was gone
no sounds at all
the air was still
there was nothing here
except me and my shadow
the bird had flown
she was gone
the room was cold
I was alone…
Bluebird - where are you know
oh bluebird - lost to the cloud
another day - I watch the sky
'they broke the mould when they made her
she died last may'
checked my pulse for signs of life
'she lived here with me, had her own suite of rooms,
her own bed & everything'
oh bluebird - you were the sweetest thing
oh bluebird - come back to me
back to your cage
where you belong
back in your cage
where the nights are long
oh bluebird - you were mine
oh bluebird - you were never mine
Track Name: If I Was A Woman
If I was a woman - would we still get it on?
If I was your girlfriend -would you let it all go?
a gender specific - toilet seat down (down,down)
If I was a lady - would you open my door?
If I was a woman - all peaches and ham
would I still drive you crazy - would you still be a fan?
one hairy banana - never shaving my legs
If I was a woman - would you settle for less?
If I was a woman...
If I was a woman…
If I was a woman...
Track Name: Dance To Forget
2 head fish
another war
banks are dark
abandoned laws
sour cream
tortured youths
modern love
gives us the blues
dance dance dance
…to forget
dance dance dance
...to forget
'you wanna dance, angel boobs?
alright, dancing's over
violence, violence'
she feels the pain
and feels the dread
going mad
like Adam Ant
bites her nails
feeling fat
after the crash
she'll dance again
dance dance dance
…to forget
she'll dance dance dance
...to forget
pushing the daisies
pushing the daisies
again again
pushing the daisies
pushing the daisies
like Fred Astaire
dance dance dance
…to forget
dance dance dance
like Fred Astaire
'Very quiet now,
we'll all be very quiet'
Track Name: Septum
a month of love
crazy feelings
falling apart
I could be the one you want
like the morning dew
wipe away the tears of night
cast away your blue
but there's a hole
a hole in your heart
a hole - keeping you apart
frightened by the house of love
back against the wall
looking for those danger signs
cracks across the floor
don't believe in suicide
don't believe in love
don't believe in anything
it's all a waste of time
I got a hole
a hole in my heart
got a hole
from someone else's past
Track Name: Dreamachine
There is no cost
you're free to lie
where you may sleep
I'm by your side
I'm your dreamachine - yeah
I'm your dreamachine - yeah
you plug me in
you can turn me on
dim my screen
or burn me bright
I'm your dreamachine - yeah
just a dreamachine - yeah
dreamachine - just for you
a dreamachine - tea for two
Track Name: The Cival Agreement
a very civil arrangement
averting eyes to avoid discussion
he walks in the park
as she flicks thru a screen
a dog on a leash
a girl with a dream
nothing to say
even less to express
the children are gone
only finance is left
the warmth of the past
has faded with time
agree to dissent
with gesture & sigh
a glass of bourbon
these are solutions in a jigsaw home
ratatouille with potato
these are solutions in a jigsaw home
Track Name: Jawbreaker
7 girls past me tonight
everyone had something i liked
atom bombs in a 2 piece suit
but I can't stop thinking of you
I am cool - I am calm
driving in my hummer car
but when I see you on the street
everything melts in front of me, yeah
you're a jawbreaker
such a jawbreaker
I want to roll around
get loose, go to town
with my lawbreaker
I want to lick your shoes
go down, double juice
throw me off the roof, hey
you're a jawbreaker
such a jawbreaker
you're the lawbreaker
such a jawbreaker
breaking the laws
breaking the law
Track Name: Counting The Spoons
Working - day into night
I'm on the economy drive
I have the white man's disease
empire is all I can see
he count counts the spoons again
he count counts the spoons again
empty pockets made you crawl
thru the gutter to my door
I scheme and lord over you
control everything that you do
count count the spoons again
count count the spoons again