by David Mulcahy

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All songs written & recorded by David Mulcahy. Drums on track 7 courtesy of Mark Whyte. Recorded at 55 London Street, Lyttleton, New Zealand, 2016. All rights Reserved. Dedicated to James Hector Laing 1964-2016


released November 21, 2016



all rights reserved


twistedfruitrecords Christchurch, New Zealand

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Track Name: Heaven is Waiting
And now the day has come
time to ride the setting sun
gonna dress and strap our backs
tailored death is all we have
and they say above
that heaven is waiting
we’ll be making love to 70 virgins
We kill to feel
our lives are real
our flesh will burn
and fall away
but we don’t feel bad
cause heaven is waiting
heaven is waiting
heaven is waiting
Under the western sky
we will just kill and die
cause the man said we are young
gonna be the purest ones
Most boys can’t stop thinking about
the girls who live above the clouds
It’s a beautiful thing
It’s a beautiful thing
It’s the stupidest thing
It’s a beautiful thing
that heaven is waiting
It’s the stupidest thing
heaven is waiting
It’s a beautiful thing
Track Name: Gone Gone Gone
Gone gone gone
now your ship
has sailed to sea
gone gone gone
all I got is memory
Caught the wind
flew into the sky above
dust to dust
never coming back
I hoped you knew
that i always loved you, boy
the things you did
always touched my heart
Now you’re gone gone gone
now you’re gone away from me
gone gone gone
all I got is memory
I saw a house
where we used to live
I heard you sing
it always makes me cry
cause you’re gone gone gone
now your ship has sailed to sea
gone gone gone
all I got is memory
Track Name: Upon a Mountain
Living in a dungeon
living by the bell
waiting for an answer
waiting for the mail
tryin’ find a reason
how you got to here
looking out the window
just feeling scared
High upon a mountain
behind the stone & ice
high upon a mountain
hiding all your life
Cannot see the future
cannot feel the past
it’s a endless journey
you’re halfway to mars
looking at the river
thinking of the sea
sing along with newman
sing yourself to sleep
Hiding on a mountain
hiding all your life
high upon a mountain
deep in snow & ice
thinking of the person
that you’re never gonna be
high upon a mountain
killing all your dreams
Track Name: Larger than Life
Waltzing thru
queen of the night
she'll make you laugh
then you'll just cry
driven by dreams
stroking her soul
bottled love
tobacco is gold...
Larger than life
she's got to be
as big as the sky
a rock'n'roll dream...
And she will sing
of another time
cars just crash
in her big black eyes
she never sleeps
it makes no sense
spinning fast
from friend to friend
Track Name: Last Days
I sit alone
the streets are quiet
the sky is blue
just pressing down
these are my last days on earth
She don't talk to me
and I don't talk to her
we're just caught
in a devil's curse
these are my last days on earth
Where is joy - where is the love
I can't feel it in my heart
there's a coldness to this world
and I don't feel so very proud
of the things that I have done
things that I have said
tearing me apart
putting me to bed
putting me to bed
Track Name: Moondance
Show - show me the way
to your heart
where we can play
blue - it’s the colour of fools
Fall - into my lips
the perfect kiss
to cradle you
cause blue...
it’s the colour of fools
girl - don’t you follow that moon
Come dance with me
lead with your heart
play in the sun
like kids at the park
oh, you will be ruined
if you follow that moon
cause blue is the colour
blue is the colour of fools
Track Name: Woody Allen
What you choose to believe
is the lie you will lead
pulling flowers from the sun
...once again
So alone in a crowd
all white noise as you drown
no-one hears as you sing
...such a crime
In the sky there are signs
of a love you can find
everyone is a star in the end
To the dark you were drawn
picture poor - so forlorn
It’s a curse - you’re a freak
...walking dead
You were caught by the wind
blew you back to the end
now you feel nothing’s real
...once again
What you choose to believe
it’s the lie that you’ll lead
picking flowers from the sun
...till the end.
Track Name: Sleepwalker
In a mood
i can’t let go
I understand
but I don’t know
taking drugs
got no appeal
I got loose
but I can’t get real
...and I cannot sleep
As a child
I was fancy free
what the hell
happened to me?
I watch my body
breaking down
I feel my mind
losing control
...and I cannot sleep
She’ll never kiss those lips again
lost to the dark - her only friend
the night is long - time is slow
She understands she don’t know