by Mulchzoid

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released October 10, 2015



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twistedfruitrecords Christchurch, New Zealand

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Track Name: Flowerbomb
I swing with the flowers
I swing with the flower-boys, baby
get into the groove
sinkhole latte lazy
and in the night
insects dance
fall in love
sweet descent
I dance with the flowers
I dance like a flower bomb, baby
no stones in my shoes
plant life makes me crazy
Track Name: Victim
I wore her dress on a saturday night
i wore her dress that I knew was too tight
you like my heels cause i can't move my legs
you like the look of a girl underfed
victim - I wanna be your victim
victim - victim of your love
victim - let me be the victim
victim - victim in your world
on the phone - just stabbing away
waiting for your time of day
on the cusp of love again
I'm breathing hard - it never ends
a victim - I wanna be your victim
a victim - a victim of your love
victim - I wanna go to picton
so unhealthy baby
victim - put me in a boat
a victim - I wanna be the victim
come and be my eradicator
victim - victim in your world
hit me, hit me, never hurt me
Track Name: In The Future
In the future
and it won't be long
there will be music
in another form
no more nostalgia
no more pretense
there will be mystery
once more again
in the future
yellow is blue
a different context
for me & you
there will be passion
there will be fear
there will be sounds
that you just can't understand
in the future
music is food
served by an android
sucking on a shoe
a conversation
of love and time
I want to see it all
before the day i die
in the future
and it's coming soon
a transformation
of attitude
1000 species
4000 minds
I wanna hear the world
in 3029
Track Name: Rise Of The Ants
Working, planning, building together
hunting, deciding, eating together
sharing, controlling, maintaining forever
loving, breeding, sleeping together
Working, planning, building together
hunting, fighting, eating forever
loving, sleeping, breeding forever
Track Name: Earthrise
In the beginning there was love
in the beginning there was life…
Track Name: Leave The Planet
From the stars - across the sky
into the sea - the seed of life
thru climate change and acid rain
life is good - life is pain
under my skin - inside of me
my dna - it comforts me
well you may grieve for what must die
but life is change - life is life
an on & on - we will come
an on & on - an on & on
Track Name: Deatheatre
Got no love for you, babe
got no love for this world
put a gun in my mouth, girl
pull the trigger just for fun
it's the time for our last drink
bad moon on the rise
slit the throats of our children
let them bleed till they die
better run for the…
better run for the hills
better run for the…
better run for the hills